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Summit AtelierSummit AtelierSummit AtelierSummit AtelierSummit AtelierSummit Atelier

On 07, Jan 2013 | In | By Kelly

Summit Atelier

Website Development
Summit Atelier specializes in in unique and reclaimed wood floors and surfaces for residential and commercial spaces. Kelly Design built this minimalistic, responsive art gallery like website to the client’s exact specifications. While the site itself is still under renovation with new projects and images being added or replaced, the client felt as though it served as a worth representation of the caliber and quality of work and gave us the okay to go ahead and launch. This minimalist site features a full page gallery to showcase each of Summit Atelier’s projects. The individual project images each have a sliding panel which allows for simplified sharing and social media interaction.

In addition to the site build itself, we also created the clean typographic brand identity for Summit Atelier.

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